附件已更新,请查收.的翻译是:The attachment has been updated,please check.

合同在附件中,请查收. 英文:The contract is enclosed in the appendix.

Please refer to the attachment for verification purposes. Please refer to the attachment for confirmation purposes. 这里有两种说法 稍微有一点不同,verification 一般是让你过目 如果内容没有问题的话就不用回答了这样的 confirmation...

googmail的 Attached pls find the .......for your necessary. 是最正统的说法。 hope all is clear.^_^

Attached please find the information for customs clearance. Please check it.

I have added my resume into the attachment, please check it.

附件为:发票,箱单,请查收 英文:Annex: invoice, packing list, please check it

请查收附件并再次核对金额后的翻译是:Please check the attachment and confirm the sum again

please check the file

请查收附件银行水单的翻译是:Please check the attached bank memo

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