释放压力其实就是缓解压力,用relieve pressure 更好一点,或者更简单一点就翻译减小压力reduce pressure release pressure 也可以,但release更多的释放的意思是像释放气体,植物会释放二氧化碳那种,发行或者发表书刊的那种释放,最新一版的唱...

释放压力就会快乐 Release the pressure will be happy

Our stress has been released.

学会沟通,释放压力 Learn to communicate, release pressure

Recently, one school built a "pressure relief wall", which provided a platform for students to release their peressure.

Through to release the pressure such as talking to communicate with people, and take an active part in sports activities

你好,“在这一天,家长和老师不能干涉学生的活动,给他们足够的空间释放压力。”翻译成英文是: On this day, parents and teachers can not interfere with the activities of students, give them enough space to release pressure.

人们越来越倾向于通过娱乐来释放压力的翻译是:People are increasingly inclined to release stress through entertainment

Very convenient, people can use micro-blog to express their feelings, exchange ideas. Provides a way to release stress to the people

给你翻译一下,仅供参考: On one hand,blog can be used as a displaywindow,you can release the pressure of learning, and it has been accepted by more and more high school students. But, on the other hand,many parents and teachers...

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