释放压力其实就是缓解压力,用relieve pressure 更好一点,或者更简单一点就翻译减小压力reduce pressure release pressure 也可以,但release更多的释放的意思是像释放气体,植物会释放二氧化碳那种,发行或者发表书刊的那种释放,最新一版的唱...

你好,很高兴为你解答 翻译为:This is a place to release stress. 希望对你有帮助

Our stress has been released.

how to take a rest for high school students in grade 3 尽我努力希望可以帮到你,望采纳

人们越来越倾向于通过娱乐来释放压力的翻译是:People are increasingly inclined to release stress through entertainment

Through to release the pressure such as talking to communicate with people, and take an active part in sports activities

Recently, one school built a "pressure relief wall", which provided a platform for students to release their peressure.


一 四年后的约定 The Deal in Four Years Last night, my friends and I went back to the primary school. We walked around the school and talked about the funny things that happened at that time. We were going to college soon, so we...


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